Please send all general inquires or requests to the address below. Applications may be emailed or posted to the addresses below. Call us on 021 2813647


Mail applications to:

Northern Drivers' Charitable Trust
P O Box 13172
Onehunga, Auckland 1643


General inquiries:

Applications submission:

The registered office of the Northern Drivers’ Charitable Trust is at 120 Church Street
Onehunga, Auckland 1061
The office is not staffed.

The Secretary to the Trust maybe contacted by email:

The postal address of the Northern Drivers’ Charitable Trust is:
P O Box 13172
Onehunga, Auckland 1643

The Northern Drivers’ Charitable Trust is registered with the Charities Commission[CC36806] and is incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 [2577541].
The current trustees are:
Appointed in:
Barry Donaldson
Jennifer Francis
Karl Andersen
Neil Chapman
Jared Abbott
Sheryl Cadman

All trustees have a current or past connection to either the Northern Drivers’ Union and/or its successor unions the Northern Distribution Union, National Distribution Union or FIRST Union Inc.

In January 2021 Rameka Harris stepped down as an NDCT trustee. He was one of the three founding trustees of the Northern Drivers’ Charitable Trust when it was established by the Northern Drivers’ Union in 1987. These first trustees were the elected officers of that union. Bill Andersen was the Secretary of the Northern Drivers’ Union, John Willis the President, and Rameka Harris was the Vice-President. Bill Andersen died in 2005 and John Willis in 2016.